Fern Flower

According to legend in Baltic and Slavic cultures, the fern flower blossoms on the eve of the summer solstice. Even though the fern is not a blossoming plant, on that magical night in the most distant patch of a forest it bursts into bloom. Countless living beings try to find this delicate flower which brings earthly riches, power and supernatural wisdom. That being said, the fern flower is well guarded by all the forest creatures, animals, spirits, and nymphs who are waiting for this moment all year. Only the most careful and courageous ones could attempt to find the blossom before it vanishes into thin air.


Height: 34cm (13,4'') petite mold

Articulation points: 18

Materials: Magnolia white porcelain, china paints, stainless steel springs, leather lining, Lama's hair, chiffon, lace, fabric flowers, Czech glass beads, wood, steel.

Accessories: Wooden stand, magnetic wig, embroidered chiffon and lace dress.



Due to the unique nature of these art dolls, they are not suitable for children. Use them as an interior decoration, collectible item, change poses, costumes and wigs, take photos and have fun! Even though the porcelain is quite sturdy material, the dolls should be handled with care. Protect delicate parts like fingers or neck and always use a stand for support when standing your doll. Clean your doll with regular cleaning supplies and moist cloth. Don't worry about the paints because they are fired in the kiln and merged with porcelain. Protect your doll from water, humid conditions and direct sunlight because it could harm doll's spring mechanism, leather lining or costume. If you have any questions or issues with your doll, don't hesitate to contact me at hello[@]nymphaidolls.com