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What is a BJD?

BJD is a ball-jointed doll. It means that a doll has articulation points with ball and socket joints which let a doll move, change and hold poses.

How these dolls are made?

"Nymphai Dolls" are completely handmade by me - Adele Po, not using any kind of digital design or 3D printing technologies, so sculpted by hand! First off, the prototype is sculpted by using an air-dry clay (I'm using "La Doll", "Premier" or "Paperclay"). To be able to cast my dolls in porcelain, I make a plaster mold for each part of the doll. Casting in porcelain is a very demanding process that requires firing porcelain parts in the kiln numerous times. The doll is painted with china paints and sprung with stainless steel springs for a wonderful posing abilities.

Do you accept custom orders?

Usually no, but if your idea is closely related to the image and philosophy behind "Nymphai Dolls" I might accept your order. Shoot me an email at hello[@] and let me know what kind of doll you'd like to have!

Are these dolls fragile?

There's a popular misconception that porcelain dolls are very fragile. I reassure you, they're not! Of course, if you drop them on a hard floor it might damage the doll. But dressing them up, changing wigs, playing with different poses won't do any harm! You have to be gentle but not scared to handle them.



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