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About me

Hey there! I'm Adele, vigorous doll artist who never stops exploring. I'm inviting you to join me on this ethereal journey of discovering a fascinating world of porcelain dolls. After building up my courage to try and work with porcelain, I finally present you what has been in the making for years. Nymphai Dolls - the frail and lush porcelain dolls.

I've been creating dolls since 2013. Thereafter I've been learning about all of the different types of dolls that exist. Articulated porcelain dolls just spoke to me! The marvellous ancient material and modern design complement each other perfectly. I've started working on my first porcelain doll since late 2016 and now I welcome you to see where this endeavour will take me!


"Nymphai Dolls" are porcelain ball-jointed dolls sculpted, painted and assembled by hand, not using any digital designing methods or 3D printing techniques. Fired in 1220°C (2228°F) these beauties will endure a lifetime if properly maintained. Costumed with hand sewed changeable garments and magnetic wig, "Nymphai Dolls" will be an extraordinary artwork that you can play with! Read more about the process here.

Adele Po - artist behind Nymphai Dolls



Shoot me an email at hello[@]nymphaidolls.com or leave me a message here!

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